he never lets go

By: Jiesu

I.    he opened salvation

like Siddhartha

full of peace

he is

and we both know

life is pain and the world is full of suffering

but we are soft and new to

this path to enlightenment and


he opened a path to freedom,

a path to end to my suffering,

and we thrive in our fidelity

II.   he is light

like a star in the heavens

walking in perfect bliss;

he had bound ahead of me at first

but then

he doubled back

now he takes my hand,

bright and leading,

he brings a new pace

one we keep together

in step

we shoot through the atmosphere

at lightspeed

III.    he guides me

to a place of



he teaches me to love and

to be loved

this daily hourly minutely practice

he does it all so lovingly


except when I get sick of me

and crumple like a can

drowning in everything inside


IV.    he is a black hole

pulling me closer

weighing me down

drawing me in

until I am enraptured,

saving me from myself

showing me once again what love is

A version of this post originally appeared in
The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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