The Industrial Dr. Martens Revolution: Why You Should Feel Empowered In Your Doc Martens

by Lindsay Kranitz

The only thing tougher than a Dr. Martens boot is the person wearing it.

– Dr. Martens

This quote can be found on the Dr. Martens website when reading about some of the incredible people who have worn Dr. Martens in the past. After reading that quote, how can you not feel powerful when wearing Dr. Martens? 

There are many stories about how Dr. Martens have changed people’s lives. One of these stories is about Pete Townshend who was the founder and lead guitarist of The Who. He is a legend. There was a moment in rock history that changed the game for him and the Dr. Martens brand. In the 1960’s, peace and love was the cornerstone of society and violence was frowned upon.

During one particularly iconic moment in musical history, through Townshend’s frustration with his performances and his anger towards the political climate of the 1960’s, he smashed his guitar and bounced around on stage.

This became a regular occurrence for him and he soon realized his feet did not feel so great. This is when Dr. Martens boots came to his rescue. He bought a pair of the 1460 boot in 1967 and it changed his life forever. In addition to the comfort and structure they gave him, this boot also became a comfort to him mentally. 

I wonder if Dr. Klaus Maertens , who created the shoe in 1945, knew when he created these boots for comfort that they would continue to be a fashion trend in 2019.

Although everyday college students are not smashing guitars on stage, we are still becoming our own individuals in this world and fighting for what we believe in. Having a shoe that is comfortable, stylish and sturdy can help motivate us to be ourselves and feel our best. Being yourself is a powerful position to be in. 

A version of this post originally appeared in
The Teller October 2019 Issue #7

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