Affordable Websites for Home Decor that you Don’t Know About, yet

By Marissa Ammon

You may think the word “underground” doesn’t go well with “home decor,” but that’s where you’re wrong. The best part of living in the digital media age is that we can find anything online and buy it ourselves without traveling from store to store. This saves us time, money and gives us way more options when choosing what to buy. Check out these lesser-known websites for home decor to spruce up your home.

Crafty Home by Missy 

Crafty Home, in my opinion, has more tasteful decor than Etsy. The beautiful and distinctive pieces are not only affordable but very cute. Missy, designer and founder of Crafty Home, has a Spring and Easter Collection as well as her own Home Decor Blog. Another creative collection she offers to consumers is a Decor box, filled with items of similar colors, themes and styles. 

Uncommon Goods

Exactly what the title suggests; Uncommon Goods offers many unique furniture gems for organization including their Flip Rack and the Bedside Essentials Pocket. They also sell quintessential and personalized art to spice up your walls. 

Stardust Modern

Stardust Modern sells both adorable pieces of decor and affordable furniture in any size. They sell bohemian style rugs, mini outdoor fire pits and atypical office supplies. If you love an artsy and modern decorated home, go check them out! 

Country Willow 

This beautiful, classic home furniture shop is not just a website but a fairly local store, with a location in Bedford Hills, New York. It is one of my favorites because of their use of neutral colors throughout the items they sell. Some of their furniture is a little old-fashioned for those who like a more “country style” vibe to their home. They sell wooden TV and entertainment centers, upholstered beds and round breakfast tables, among others. 


While Amara may be pricey for budgeting college students, their wide selection of comforters may be a good investment. They also have a huge selection of decorative pillows and fashionable dog carriers.

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