My Senior Year Misadventure

By Julie Pumarejo

My senior year started out pretty damn strong. I was getting chased by a couple of really great possible employers. I was happy to move into my first apartment off-campus. The girl I had been in love with for two years finally went out with me! You could say I was killing the game. 

That is, until I wasn’t. 

After my final interview with my dream job, I was ghosted due to a company hiring freeze.My roommate and I grew resentful of each other for our different living routines. My dysfunctional family was pressuring me to move back home. Unsurprisingly, all this stress caused a strain on my relationship with my beautiful girlfriend.

My mental health was rapidly deteriorating. I really needed some help, so I decided to try therapy. The psychological counseling center at SUNY New Paltz is amazing. I was set up with weekly sessions with a counselor who helped me find ways to help me cope with my anxiety, all for free through the school. I checked out self-help books from the school library and I set up a gym schedule with one of my best friends to get that serotonin going. Basically, I reached out for help and did healthy things that made me happy. 

All this effort made a massive difference too! I now communicate efficiently with my roommate and girlfriend. With a little determination and grit, I even got another job.

Senior year was easily a mix of mayhem and achievement. If things don’t go your way and you feel like you’re getting knocked down, there are so many resources you can use to help get back up.

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