The Benefits of Dream Journaling

By Morgan Hughes

Have you ever woken up from a dream that was so weird or crazy you had to immediately write it all down? Do you have any dreams you swear are recurring but you can’t be too sure? Do you struggle to remember your dreams? Are you just fascinated with the whole idea of dreaming in general? 

Then maybe it’s time to start dream journaling!

Dream journaling is, well, exactly what it sounds like. It’s writing out all the details of your dream right after you wake from it, or even adding in entries of dreams you still remember from long ago into a journal. What’s the earliest dream you can think of? Have you ever dreamt about losing your teeth? Or about being chased? Have you found yourself dreaming you were pantless in a place you should have definitely been wearing pants? If these prompts help you remember any former dreams, then write them down— now you have the start of a dream journal.

But what are the actual benefits of having a dream journal?

For starters, the theme of this issue is underground, and what fits that description more than uncovering the secret, subconscious thoughts looming in the dark corners at the back of your own mind? Or, less dramatically, keeping track of your dreams can help you get to know yourself better and notice certain patterns in your life. Try to find out what’s  constantly bothering you and who keeps crossing your mind. 

Recording your dreams can also help you develop brand new, creative ideas. We’ve all had wacky dreams that take place in a world with different rules or dreams that play out like a cinematic masterpiece right behind our eyelids. Write those dreams down and later you could turn them into a story, a script, a poem or even a visual art piece. Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” was inspired by a dream so who knows, maybe the next time you go to sleep you’ll come up with the next big blockbuster.

Now go to sleep and start dreaming!

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