Q+A With The Graphic Designer Behind it All: Julia Catalanello

By Cloey Callahan

Every month you are all able to read a letter from me, Cloey. Yet, I am only one aspect of what allows The Teller to run so smoothly. With each issue comes a beautiful layout from start to finish throughout the 100 pages. 

Julia Catalanello is the one behind it all.

From the beginning Julia has laid out the magazine and, before building her own team, did it entirely herself. Now, it’s time to find out more about Julia, the graphic design leader who has led the magazine to the success it has today.

C: Julia! Can you tell us a little about yourself for those who do not know?

J: I am a senior graphic design major here at SUNY New Paltz. Originally, I’m from Rochester, NY. Rochester is a fun city and will always be important to me in some way, but New Paltz has taught me a lot. Besides working as the lead graphic designer for The Teller, I am in a sorority, Pi Phi Delta.

C: I know we all discussed our time at The Teller in our reflections but is there anything else you would like to include?

J: Working at The Teller has been really awesome. For one, it really helped me develop my skills as a publication designer way more than I ever could have in class. Also, it allowed me the opportunity to work with a team of people, which is a great skill to have for the future.

C: I totally agree. Learning how to collaborate with a group of people is a necessary skill, especially for future jobs. What are other projects that you have completed that you are proud of?

J: Here on campus I took a bookbinding class, Printed Books, that was really unique. I’m always more proud when I’m able to be hands on and work with things outside of my comfort zone. Making those was a really cool moment for me. 

C: Wow, that is awesome! So, what do you like to do when you’re not busy with graphic design and classes?

J: I can’t lie, in my free time I honestly am obsessed with watching reality TV. I’m hooked on anything that is on Bravo. I love all of the Real Housewives. But, being in quarantine, I’ve been trying to get back to an old project of watercolor painting. I took photos of doors while I was abroad in France last summer, which is what I am painting now. It has been a nice carefree creative outlet.

C: I never had the opportunity to study abroad, partially because I’m scared to fly and partially because I never had the time. What was the experience like?

J: I don’t travel often, but I consider myself lucky that I’ve been able to go to Europe a couple of times. Going abroad was an amazing learning experience and being able to study art history directly from the source was a once in a lifetime experience. It taught me that the world is a huge place and we need to remember to appreciate the beauty of it all.

C: So we’re both graduating. What are your plans post-SUNY New Paltz?

J: My original plan was to get a job in the design field and move to Manhattan. Now things have obviously changed, unfortunately. I’m going to move home for a few months until I’m able to find a job and make that dream come true. But I’ve loved doing publication design with The Teller, and it has taught me so much, so I think I’d like to do something like that. I am just excited to see where my degree will take me!

Check out more of Julia’s work on her website at jcatdesign.com
Thanks, Julia, for all you have done at The Teller.

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