Staying Natural: The Real Benefits of a Makeup-Free Routine During Quarantine

By Laura Bojamaa

When it comes to wearing makeup during quarantine, there are either those who are motivated, who decide to use this time to try new products, be creative and do extravagant looks, or those that want to take advantage of this time to proudly show their natural skin.

Although you may feel like not doing your make-up is the result of laziness,  you are actually taking care of yourself more than ever. According to dermatologist Dr. Jessica Krant, M.P.H., M.D and professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, “wearing many layers of products every single day means you are going to be absorbing the chemicals in those products.” 

That can affect not only the quality of your skin but also your personal health. Even though the revenue of the cosmetics industry in the US reached 49.2bn USD in 2019, there is still a part of us that wants to come back to a natural way of living and listen to our bodies. Your skin needs your attention daily and it is your responsibility to be careful with how you treat it. 

Here are the results of a makeup-free lifestyle after one day, one week and one month. The huge differences should make you want to celebrate your new skin.


24 hours after a break from makeup, your skin is going to start breathing, so to speak. It will calibrate itself and begin to come back to normal. To obtain good results it is important to clean your face and moisturize it every day, even if you are not wearing makeup. The fewer bacteria you have on your face, the better its health is going to be. “Healthy, well-moisturized, calm skin is the most resistant to invasion by unwanted chemicals,” said Krant. 

Before going to bed, apply your best face cream and sleep at least eight hours since you have the time to. Poor sleep can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol and deteriorate the quality of your skin.


If you suffer from oily skin you can say goodbye to it and enjoy your fresh face. After seven days, it will look brighter and smoother. No one is going to ask you if you are tired or sick; your skin will take on a newfound glow. To look younger in a snap, exfoliate your epidermis. Limit this to once or twice a week otherwise it could have the opposite effect. This beauty technique helps to rid your skin of dead cells, increase blood circulation, and reduce acne breakouts and the likelihood of clogged pores.


A month after being bare-faced you can fully enjoy the results and analyze your face in front of the mirror. As a result of removing harmful chemicals from your routine, your pores will look smaller and damage will be minimized. You’ll experience less visible wrinkles too, thanks to the moisturizer keeping your skin hydrated and plumped. 

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nazarian, “the longer your skin can go without makeup, the better it will regulate your skin’s temperature, oil control, hydration and its natural exfoliation process.” 

It’s normal to still experience breakouts from time to time, as it takes about 28 days for the skin to regenerate and adapt to a new routine. It is important to see a dermatologist if you suffer from acne or other persistent problems; a monthly check can prevent any degradation.

While three million people are confined at home and sometimes alone, taking care of yourself is the best decision that you can make. This makeup detox will give you a boost and clearly show if your daily-use products are really made for you. You might just be ready to go out again with healthier skin. But don’t forget that what is important is to learn to love the way you look without makeup as much as you do with it. If you choose to wear makeup, wear it for yourself and not for the world.

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