Palisades: A Personal Paradise

By Marissa Ammon In my opinion, the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY is one of the best malls in this region. Not only because of its size and stores, but because I have many memories at this mall.  This four floor mall opened in 1998 and I’ve been going there since I was a … Continue reading Palisades: A Personal Paradise

Taking a Closer Look: Beyond the Beauty of Study Abroad

By Natalie Aguilar It is safe to say that most college students nowadays know someone who has studied abroad. Perhaps your feed has been clouded by posts consisting of what seems like a thousand pictures; the “living my best life,” or “I can not believe this is real,” captions and Instagram stories displaying the mundane, … Continue reading Taking a Closer Look: Beyond the Beauty of Study Abroad

The Cell

By Mason Longenberger A droplet soared through the thick, chilling air, piercing its way as if diving with a will of its own. Faster and faster it descended on its trek. Time around it stood still, waiting, watching for the inevitable fate of the daredevilish drop. The stone surrounding stood still, indifferent to the mingling … Continue reading The Cell