Do You?

By: Alyssa Detwiler She stared, open-mouthed, as the words spilled out of his mouth. Literally. Fully formed words, not really solid but certainly visible, floating out in different colors before falling gently and vanishing into the ground. Her dad noticed her wide eyes and stopped his rant. “What’s the matter?” She shook her head, figuring … Continue reading Do You?

The Well and the Wicked

By: Mathilda Bofinger In a small distinct village, a well feeds its people. Villagers praise and safeguard the well; it brought them life and sustainability and kept illnesses at bay. Never once had a villager experienced the sting of a drought or the pang of widespread disease. The well’s water was blessed with good temperament … Continue reading The Well and the Wicked


By: Diana Testa It starts with a simple spark in your hand, Flickering unsure without a command. You feed it curiosity for what could be, And watch it burst into flames for all to see. Passion burns wildly as flames dance in the heart, But soon enough the flame and you will part. It fizzles … Continue reading Spark