Antarctic Silence

By David O’Keefe Kings and queens Mate the needle with the thread, But divide up the seams, Sewn onto wood coffins Which were silent as Antarctica, But Africa was calling: Those who would sell their sins Do not care For those who are irrelevant. Strings on keys Once given to the cubs, Were never used … Continue reading Antarctic Silence

The Forlorned

By David O’Keefe Once I walked between The Sun-stained alleys, Just to talk with those Who manned the galleys, Whose crimson tears had Woke the sunken brine, But they dared not speak Their bitter tally. My thoughts led me out- Wards towards a sheer climb, Where I met a late Party to join mine: Father … Continue reading The Forlorned


By Gabriella Rivera Sometimes at night, I let my tears run down my face and into my mouthI don’t wipe them awayI want to taste my painSometimes at night, I let my body fallI give away my weightAnd hope it never comes backSometimes at night, I sigh loudDelivering my pressuresFrom a world that refuses to … Continue reading Rest

The Noceur

By Pamela Loperena Out on the backyard roof,  I saw a full moon.  Stars fell down like dandelion seeds,  flickering cosmic hues.  I tried to catch them all, so I could save their light for you,  but they flew too fast— and wouldn't come back— making my rouge heart split blue.  For the past month … Continue reading The Noceur

Good Friday

By Jeffrey Seitz Dear God,  Are these snowflakes the frozen tears  you’ve harvested within your eternally fatigued soul?  Why did you hide them for so long?  The sanctuaries are layered with Dust. Ghosts. Memories. Vows.  Forsaken commitments.  The wind’s mighty hand rattles the tree bones; the wood has been laid.  We wait for fire to … Continue reading Good Friday

Old Upstate

By David O’Keefe Wintertime in old upstate Brings back those years, Snowflakes falling from the sky Like a billion lonely tears. At the border in Niagara The coldest months are blinding, The falls are frozen over Like a staircase made of diamonds. Oswego or Binghamton, Ithaca or Cortland, Lamenting friends of days gone past And … Continue reading Old Upstate