First Times

By Michelle Nedboy I knew about bees and what they did. They stung. I knew I’d get one maybe on my right knuckle or on my thigh or in the soapy hinge of my elbow, like I saw all the other kids get. I didn’t think I’d get one in my ear – the wasp’s … Continue reading First Times

An open letter to my past (nearly)loves

Some of you hurt me, some of you disappeared, some just faded. All I loved— in some capacity. Some friends, others lovers— you know when I love I love hard. I’m all in, always. A toxic trait of mine maybe; maybe it’s what pushed you away; maybe it’s what brought you closer. In any instance, … Continue reading An open letter to my past (nearly)loves

The Cell

By Mason Longenberger A droplet soared through the thick, chilling air, piercing its way as if diving with a will of its own. Faster and faster it descended on its trek. Time around it stood still, waiting, watching for the inevitable fate of the daredevilish drop. The stone surrounding stood still, indifferent to the mingling … Continue reading The Cell