Winter, Highland Mills

By: David O'Keefe Like tears, upon the skull of a widow’s groom, My memories cling to me. Through that begotten Veil which obstructs our truths, and womb Of ever-present denial, my forgotten Thoughts and loves, riches and victories, And eroding failures live on. They change Me, form me, and they call out to me: Free … Continue reading Winter, Highland Mills

my temporary identity

By: Emma Boyle i know everything i know my breath i know yours i know i’m never not sure and that’s why i want a mystery i want colors to be muddy and grey  i want to decipher and decode thoughts said words thought i want to show how to paint in colors the colors … Continue reading my temporary identity


By: Steve Baltsas Touchstone, black novice,  Muse of Fire, still clawing back  on the road home. To the only body you’ve known.  The heating is broken two winters now.  Boiled are the promises there and the  dreams singed for rat fuel. Cockroach or ant infestation even when they should be buried, but instead multiply  across … Continue reading Gaze

It Took Me Awhile

By: Marissa Ammon It took me awhile                            To find myself  and realize why I was the elephant in the room It took me awhile                        to accept my differences,  to understand others the way some failed to do with me  It took me awhile                    to stop labeling  figure out my sexuality  Do you figure it out … Continue reading It Took Me Awhile