A Step Closer to Happiness

By Taylor Dinardo Something about signing up to write an article about joy felt a little disingenuous at first. After all, I’m certainly no expert. I often struggle when trying to find that spark, that elusive tide of warmth we call “happiness.” I’ve been in therapy for years, desperately searching for that thing that makes … Continue reading A Step Closer to Happiness

The Basement

We set the temperature to 72 degrees White walls, the sunlight always came in around five The conversations ends around four We spent the time staring into each other’s eyes on the couch The leather worn down after the times we’ve slept down here We’ve sat and laughed away the world I didn’t want to … Continue reading The Basement


By Gabriella Rivera Sometimes at night, I let my tears run down my face and into my mouthI don’t wipe them awayI want to taste my painSometimes at night, I let my body fallI give away my weightAnd hope it never comes backSometimes at night, I sigh loudDelivering my pressuresFrom a world that refuses to … Continue reading Rest

The Noceur

By Pamela Loperena Out on the backyard roof,  I saw a full moon.  Stars fell down like dandelion seeds,  flickering cosmic hues.  I tried to catch them all, so I could save their light for you,  but they flew too fast— and wouldn't come back— making my rouge heart split blue.  For the past month … Continue reading The Noceur