The Wallflower Queen

By Pamela Loperena .i. In front of a concrete wall, a girl stood watching pairs of silhouettes swallow the dance floor. Unlike everyone else at the party, she seemed to have arrived there alone. She wasn’t exactly a social butterfly; but, she went since she received a mail invitation and always convinced herself to attend … Continue reading The Wallflower Queen

What Waits Within

By Mason Longenberger The door swings open with growing curiosity. The air around it gives way, moving itself for the wild wonders welcoming the wary wanderer. Such venturer trailing off to seek the hidden treasures of Pandora’s box, the forbidden fruit of the glorious grove. This traveler of foreign lands has sought out the finest … Continue reading What Waits Within

The Cell

By Mason Longenberger A droplet soared through the thick, chilling air, piercing its way as if diving with a will of its own. Faster and faster it descended on its trek. Time around it stood still, waiting, watching for the inevitable fate of the daredevilish drop. The stone surrounding stood still, indifferent to the mingling … Continue reading The Cell