Making Chocolate Babka

By Taylor Dowd Chocolate babka: the intersection of buttery dough, chocolatey swirls and a bit of patience. Babka is a dense sweet bread that originated in Eastern Europe. Known for its beautiful swirl pattern, babka has become much more popularized in recent days, modified with different kinds of fillings. I wanted to try my hand … Continue reading Making Chocolate Babka

Springtime Super Tea

By Justin Rampert Oh, these insane times. Luckily for you, I’ve got a simple recipe that’ll help in aiding your health and supplement against the global pandemic. During the breaks in my time of solitude my dog and I have taken to the backwood trails near my house. The Spring season is one of the … Continue reading Springtime Super Tea

Chicken Marsala… With Mushrooms!

By Olivia Heins Mushrooms are a part of The Environmental Working Groups clean 15, which means they are one of 15 fruits and vegetables that have significantly fewer pesticides. Mushrooms grow all year round but are most plentiful in the fall months.    Ingredients:½ pound boneless skinless thin-sliced chicken breast (preferably organic)1 egg1 cup Italian seasoned … Continue reading Chicken Marsala… With Mushrooms!

If Your Abuela Was a Vegetarian, These Are the Empanadas She Would Make

by Gabriella Rivera Every year, my favorite part of the holidays is gathering around the table with family or friends to enjoy a good meal.  After I started eating more plant based, I realized how many foods at my family’s table were meat centered. As I discussed this with more of the Latinx community it … Continue reading If Your Abuela Was a Vegetarian, These Are the Empanadas She Would Make