The Forlorned

By David O’Keefe Once I walked between The Sun-stained alleys, Just to talk with those Who manned the galleys, Whose crimson tears had Woke the sunken brine, But they dared not speak Their bitter tally. My thoughts led me out- Wards towards a sheer climb, Where I met a late Party to join mine: Father … Continue reading The Forlorned

Winter, Highland Mills

By: David O'Keefe Like tears, upon the skull of a widow’s groom, My memories cling to me. Through that begotten Veil which obstructs our truths, and womb Of ever-present denial, my forgotten Thoughts and loves, riches and victories, And eroding failures live on. They change Me, form me, and they call out to me: Free … Continue reading Winter, Highland Mills


By: David O'Keefe I wouldn’t lie to you or lead you astray; Please smell the breeze One autumn away. Hold snow in hand and let the flakes come alive; To feel all these sensations I could not dare describe. Like the first sight of leaves hugging closely to branches; Eyes locked on young bluebirds And … Continue reading Time