Making Chocolate Babka

By Taylor Dowd Chocolate babka: the intersection of buttery dough, chocolatey swirls and a bit of patience. Babka is a dense sweet bread that originated in Eastern Europe. Known for its beautiful swirl pattern, babka has become much more popularized in recent days, modified with different kinds of fillings. I wanted to try my hand … Continue reading Making Chocolate Babka

A Spotlight on Street Food: Chicken Souvlaki

By Taylor Dowd Street food contributes to the urban food scene by offering authentic, international flavors for a laid back, less expensive dining option. Chicken Souvlaki is a classic Greek street food made by stuffing a pita with skewer-grilled chicken, then topping it with ingredients like tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and red onions. Freshly made souvlaki … Continue reading A Spotlight on Street Food: Chicken Souvlaki