Good Friday

By Jeffrey Seitz Dear God,  Are these snowflakes the frozen tears  you’ve harvested within your eternally fatigued soul?  Why did you hide them for so long?  The sanctuaries are layered with Dust. Ghosts. Memories. Vows.  Forsaken commitments.  The wind’s mighty hand rattles the tree bones; the wood has been laid.  We wait for fire to … Continue reading Good Friday

The Genius Behind “Parasite”: a Brief Review and Analysis

By Madelyn Crews and Beth Rigby  Bong Joon-Ho’s “Parasite” can be considered one of the most remarkable films of 2019.  All components of the production combine harmoniously to generate a visual representation of classism in South Korea. The cinematography alone highlights the perspectives of the lower classes on the rich, while the powerful score manipulates emotions … Continue reading The Genius Behind “Parasite”: a Brief Review and Analysis