Creative Graduation Gifts for the Ones you Love

By Marissa Ammon

Let’s face it, seniors who are graduating high school or college in 2020 are going to need some encouragement to get through this difficult time during their last year of school. The best way to show how much we appreciate them is to give them a present that they will treasure forever.  

Music Box 

What is more sentimental than a music box that plays the song often heard at commencement ceremonies, Pomp and Circumstance? I received a gift like this from my grandparents and it is one of my favorite graduation gifts to commemorate my education. 

Picture Frames 

A picture frame holding a photograph of you and the graduate is a perfect way to go. This gift is memorable and sentimental. There are millions of frames to choose from, even customizable ones. 

Gift card Ferris Wheel

Write down the graduate’s name on a piece of paper or get fancy by creating a web map. Now think of all the places they love shopping at or think about what they could use post-graduation. You can even ask your friends to chip in and make it a group gift! 

Oh The Places You’ll Go 

I think this is a sweet gift idea, especially for a sibling. Buy the classic Dr. Seuss children’s books and write them a letter inside the book. They’ll treasure it forever. 

Throughout the years Video Scrapbook

When I graduated high school, I didn’t make a scrapbook. Instead, I made a YouTube video of a collection of pictures from freshman to senior year of high school. A visual collage is a perfect way to showcase all of the memories from undergrad. 

A Starter Pack 

This mainly pertains to college graduates. Individually, or in a group, come up with some necessary items the graduate could use for their future career. For example, if someone graduated nursing school, decorate a nurse themed box and put items in such as a first aid kit, a stethoscope, gloves, etc. If your best friend is going to be a teacher, get some school supplies like markers and pencils, and more importantly, books for the classroom.

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